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Case Studies


IPsmarx solutions are designed for VoIP service providers who are looking for a better way to manage their business and for new business owners who are looking for a user friendly platform. Read our case studies to find out how we have assisted entrepreneurs entering the VoIP market for the first time and how we’ve helped existing VoIP providers migrate from other platforms to improve their businesses.

WOW Telekom Secures Niche Markets Using Award-Winning IPsmarx Solutions
Calling card provider capitalizes on demand for cost-effective international calling in immigrant and business communities

Expanding Business with International Mobile Top Up
Multiserv Concept Telecoms sharpens competitive edge and enhances service offering with in-demand value-added service.

Customized VoIP Application for Smartphones
IMTalking Delivers Competitive International Rates and Free In-Network Calling with IPsmarx Breeze Application

Success the Second Time Around
IGT Networks Finds Success with the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform after struggling with Open Source for years

Making a Vision a Reality
WOW Telekom, an International Calling Card Business Uses IPsmarx Prepaid Platform to Solve International Calling Challenges in the Immigrant Community

Keeping Customers for Life!
VonoCall works with IPsmarx to build a successful global VoIP business based on customer satisfaction

London-based Start Up Expands from Prepaid to Residential VoIP Services
Accountant turned VoIP entrepreneur brings affordable, user-friendly international calling to the immigrant community.

PINless Service Provider Expands with Innovative Reseller Management
Unique Retail Store Recharge Solution Increases Agent Network and Builds Better Brand Loyalty

Prepaid Solutions for Correctional Facilities
IPsmarx Softswitch with Follow Me Feature Enables Bridgeline Communications to Offer Low-Cost Calling Alternative from Correctional Facilities

No technology knowledge? No problem!
From reseller to international business owner with a customized, cost-effective VoIP solution

VoIP without a IP phone
Custom solution allows customers to receive international VoIP calls on their cell phones

Everything old is new again!
Reverse-engineering allows complete old-to-new system migration – with no downtime

A system that pays for itself
Gateway ownership means lower monthly costs and higher profit potential

Starting a Residential VoIP Company on a Budget
Entrepreneur jumps into residential VoIP market without breaking the bank

No Calling Cards Allowed
Callback provides low-cost way around telecommunications legislation

Nortel PBX VoIP Integration
Voip-based long distance feature brings the world to your cubicle

TDM Carrier with simulated T1
One gateway does the job of three with radical loop-back system

Credit Card Not Required
Instant Recharge Card Revolutionizes Telecommunications for uses in South Africa

Instant E-Store
Template allows anyone to create a fully-functioning online storefront in minutes

One-Stage Dialing
Pick Code/ Quintum integration speeds up international business

Nextone/ VPN Integration
Wholesaler/ carrier bypasses traffic block and brings VoIP to inaccessible area

Legacy System Migration Made Easy
Updated platform breaks new ground with Cisco and breathes new life into an old business

The End of Downtime
High availability systems equal high customer retention for Calling Card business

Management Made Easy
Web-based VoIP Monitoring System bring complete business management to owner's desktop
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