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International Mobile Top Up Solution - Mobile Top Up Platform


With the International Mobile Top Up solution your customers can purchase mobile time and send it to friends and family, to use on their prepaid wireless phone, in other countries, safely and easily. 

International Mobile Top Up is a great value-added service that you can offer to your customers in combination with your Calling Card and PINless service.

And, with our PINless Reseller and E-store (Complete E-Commerce) option this service can be sold through your agents at local stores or through your website.

How your customers can top-up the phone of a friend or family member in another country in three easy steps

  1. Select the mobile network, country of recipient, and mobile number
  2. Customer pays the desired amount
  3. Funds are added to the mobile phone and recipient is alerted via text message of top-up success

Your Brand – Your Pricing Strategy

Brand your own Top up Solution and define your fees and Reseller commissions.

  • Brand your own Mobile Top up Solution and define your fees and Reseller commissions.
  • Set your own discounts and service fees.

Add on Modules

IPsmarx Add-On Modules are optional features you may choose to add when customizing your Mobile Top up Solution. These modules can be easily installed with no down-time. IPsmarx recommends that you add Payment based commission and PINess Recharge Reseller as the combination of these will give your Resellers an array service offerings.

IPsmarx E-Store Module

The IPsmarx E-store module is an E-Commerce Solution that is fully integrated with our billing platform. Configuration with a supported merchant account is also included in this module. Design of the front end of the E-store (your homepage) can be fully customized to your company and brand by a certified web designer.

Using E-store, you can offer your customers the option to top airtime calling  online to friends or family’s mobile numbers worldwide.

Payment Based Commission Reseller Module

A Payment Based Reseller will receive compensation through commission set up by the Administrator. This commission can be based on a percentage or a flat rate or both and will be applied as soon as the reseller’s customers process a mobile top up. These Payment Based Resellers will be able to login to their own interface to manage their customer accounts and to process mobile top up for their clients; they can only use the service selling rates assigned to them by the Administrator when registering a new account or when doing a mobile top up. Reports like CDR, Commission and Balance report can be also available to them if the Administrator has allowed it. If Administrator allows it, his resellers will be able to see and manage each other’s customers’ accounts. Resellers can also sign up their own subagents.


The IPsmarx Platform uses MySQL as its database. If you require a redundant platform, IPsmarx engineers will design and implement a failover/replication structure for your database. This will require the purchase of an additional service to act as your secondary database in the event of a power outage or other natural disaster.

International Mobile Top Up Platform Requirements

Hardware Requirements

One Intel® Xeon Quad core, 4GB RAM

Software Requirements

International Mobile Top Up Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008 server - (32 or 64 Bit, English Standard Edition or above)

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 10 or higher

Service Packs/Updates
Windows and Norton Anti-Virus should be updated

Network Requirements

Public and Static IP addresses
At least 1

For additional capacity, please consult with our Technical Department.

To get a closer look at the software and enhanced features, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.


How It Works

Customers can top up international phone numbers associated with prepaid mobile accounts in the countries supported.

Your customer purchases time in a retail location or online.

Funds are added to balance via service provider via administrator interface and/or through Resellers (stores)

Service provider recharges air time for end user via solution.

End user can then use the air time purchased on their prepaid phone.

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