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Solution For Start Ups


Calling Card Start Up Package

Design your own brand of prepaid calling cards to sell in the market or on your website so your customers can call anywhere in the world from their cell or landline phone with low VoIP rates. Your customers would dial a local access or toll free number, then enter a PIN and connect to the destination of their choice.

Pinless Service Bundle

You can have your own brand of pin-less calling service that allows your customers to simply dial a local or toll-free access phone number and then enter the destination they would like to call. Your customers can do this without having to enter a PIN! Your customers can call anywhere in the world from their cell phone or landline phone and take advantage of low VoIP rates. You can decide if you want to offer this as a prepaid service or bill your customers at the end of the month for their usage. This can also be sold on your website with the E-store module.

Residential VoIP Package

Design your own brand of VoIP service for residential users. Each of your customers will need to have either an IP phone or adapter so they can make calls over the internet. You can offer free calling within your network and low VoIP rates to international destinations. You can also define packages in order to offer a set number or unlimited minutes to specific countries for one flat rate per month.

Callback Start Up Package

You can offer calling cards in the Middle East and/or Africa without having to install any hardware in these regions. Your customers would dial an access number, then the system would hang up on them and call them back (showing up as an incoming call on their cell or landline phone). Then the customer would be prompted to enter their PIN and the destination they would like to dial. The call would then be connected. This can be sold through your website or as a printed card in the marketplace.

VoIP Business Service Bundle

Offer VoIP calling services to business clients. You will be able to replace an established business’ existing landline phone system with a VoIP phone system, saving them a bundle on their long distance bill. With our solution, you will not need to install any hardware at your customers’ locations and you will be able to offer the features businesses demand, like easy extension definition, auto-attendant, call queue, and much more!

Custom Branded VoIP Application For Smartphones

Create your own calling app (application) for smart phones. Design and market your very own application that makes VoIP calls over smart phones such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry ect. And even devices like iPad and iPod. Your customers would download the application on their phones/device, purchase time and recharge their balance right from the application or from your company website or phone. This application is great for your end users because it does not use their cell phone minutes and they can use it through Wi-Fi or a data plan, resulting in huge savings on long distance calls.

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