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Solutions For VoIP Service Providers



IPsmarx Class 4 and 5 Softswitch solutions provide advanced IP-IP billing featuring prepaid/ postpaid, wholesale, PC to Phone,  IP AAA, NAT client support, Proxy Call Signaling, and Auto-Provisioning. An integrated E-Commerce solution and E-911 support can be added to provide a complete residential IP phone service offering.

Class 5 Softswitch

The IPsmarx Class 5 Softswitch provides a complete solution for ITSPs offering residential IP phone service. Package billing, E-Commerce, Auto Provisioning, and DID Assignment are all enhanced features available with this solution.

Class 4 Softswitch

IPsmarx Wholesale Solution provides instantaneous CDR monitoring, billing and reporting. With a centralized billing server, this solution supports termination at multiple destinations. Enhanced features include Advanced Least Cost Routing, Invoicing, H323 Support, and Advanced RTP Management.

Calling Card & Pinless

The Award Winning IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform is an all-in-one management solution for Calling Card and Pin-less Prepaid/Postpaid Services. Features include Real-time Billing and Reporting and enhanced modules for Reseller Management, E-Commerce, Advanced Recharge Options, and promotional and marketing tools.


IPsmarx callback solution is a billing and management solution that supports Web, ANI, and PIN-based callback. This solution is especially designed for use in regions where there is limited infrastructure or where VoIP is regulated.


IPsmarx CallShop Platform, with multi-level access, provides invoicing, reporting and full Web monitoring for Gateways, IP Phones, Gatekeepers, and softphones. This unique multi-level billing solution allows callshop managers, owners, and resellers to have their own limited access to the billing they need. Video phone support is also an option with this solution.

Cloud Based Multi-Tenant IP-PBX

IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Solution provides complete billing and management capabilites to service providers targeting business clients. With advanced features like Auto-Attendant, and Queue, this solution manages multiple SMB clients simultaneously. A complete E-Commerce solution to allow business owners to track usage and pay online can be fully integrated with this solution.

Mobile VoIP Solution

An Intuitive Mobile Softphone Designed for Competitive VoIP Service Providers. With the IPsmarx Breeze Family of Mobile Softphones, service providers now have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for VoIP calling on cell phones.

Direct DID

With the IPsmarx Direct DID Solution, corporations and call centers are able to maintain many phone numbers with multiple area codes and have them forwarded anywhere in the world.

SIP Trunking

By taking advantage of the IPsmarx SIP Trunking Solution, origination providers can deliver SIP-based DID numbers, also known as “virtual phone numbers”, to VoIP Service Providers, Call Centers, Corporations, and Calling Card Operators. With flexible package billing options, origination providers can offer bundled DID packages, such as 5 North American Phone Numbers with 24 Channels for one flat monthly fee, or sell DID numbers individually.

Wholesale Switch

Designed for wholesale VoIP carriers who need an all-in-one solution to manage billing, routing, taxation, and complex routing tables, the IPsmarx Class 4 Softswitch offers an unparalleled reliable and user-friendly solution.

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