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Redundancy - High Availability



Redundancy is a key component in a fully-featured Platform. In the event of a natural disaster, the importance of individual, business and government communications become more critical as the chance of failure to the communications infrastructure increases. 

IPsmarx has created a solution to this problem by deploying an intelligent fully-redundant solution continuous replication for unmatched resiliency and reliability without user intervention.

If you require a redundant platform, IPsmarx engineers will design and implement a fail over/replication structure for your database. This will require the purchase of an additional service to act as your secondary database.

The Redundancy - High Availability Solution Delivers Peace of Mind

Both unpredictable events (natural disasters, power outages) and everyday occurrences (hardware/ software malfunctioning, routine maintenance) can take your server out of service, causing you to lose valuable data, traffic and revenue. You might think you are covered if you have a simple back-up system. As the experts in these videos point out, however, service providers who wish to be reliable need their data to be replicated automatically, not just backed up periodically. The IPsmarx Redundancy system replicates ALL your data from ANY solution continuously, and switches your system to your secondary server instantaneously and automatically when the primary one fails. No data is lost and service can continue without a pause. Sleep easily at night knowing you have Redundancy for your system.

Watch the following videos on Redundancy:

Video 1: What is Redundancy?

Video 2: What Do I Set Up Redundancy?

Video 3: VoIP Provider: Redundancy

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