Prepaid International Calling services like Calling Cards and PINless have been around for long. Some think that the business might be facing a decline. The fact is that immigration across the world is still growing and tourism is also a growing industry. These are two factors that undeniably show that international calling services still have a long and prosperous life ahead.

Immigration is a global trend that has showed some changes in the past years. United States is still a top destination for immigrants and countries like Canada and Australia have a immigration policies that have driven more people every year. Germany, being the power economic house of Europe, has also shows an increase of immigrants the past two years. immigration to and from East Asian countries is also increasing. People arriving to their new homes have great expectation for a better future but also a  desire for keeping in touch with people back in their mother land. Many times newcomers have very little access to financial services and need to work for in the country for some time to be eligible to open a bank account or apply to a credit card.  Is during this time that retailers serving ethnic/immigrant communities  can offer calling services and capture new clients that will become loyal even after they are well established in the country.

Tourism is a multibillion dollar industry. For many countries it represents a considerable percentage of their GDP. while the top destination are easy to guest, many new places have showed an increase in arrivals and a sizeable money coming in due to new visitors. for some of these new destination services like Skype and Viber might not be the best alternative for tourist as roaming charges and prohibitively high and wi-fi services are sporadic. This is where calling cards with local access numbers can offer tourist a reliable and secure way to call back home. Services for travelers like hotels, resorts, hostels, etc. can add international calling as a new amenity and offer a competitive service with a new smart phone calling service that can be added to their guests’ bill.

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