Telecom is one of the most profitable industries in the world. It plays a key role in the economic and social change in both developed and developing countries. Everyone will admit that the Internet has changed the world but not everyone realizes how mobile technology alone has impacted developing countries.

In developing countries having a cellphone is for many people the first time they have access to communication technology. Standard features like calling and text messaging have made a significant and demonstrable impact in improving their quality of life and opportunities for economic growth. Regardless of the type of network:  GSM, 3G, LTE. Most new mobile users get the service with a prepay subscription. Mobile Top Up has been the most convenient, secure and cost-effective method of managing prepaid balances for both users and network operators. International mobile top up is a service that allows people to recharge phones from any network anywhere in the world, effectively making “Topping Up” an international micro remittance service that friends and family living abroad can use.

At IPsmarx we recognize that International Mobile Top Up is a growing business. This infographic shows how airtime remittance technology and the phenomena of mobile money and widespread global migration are driving the multibillion dollar international mobile top up industry forward–and creating promising opportunities for entrepreneurs and service providers in the process.

Key Figures

$414 billion remitted globally
96% global mobile phone penetration
75% of mobile money transactions are made using airtime remittance

If you want know more about the business opportunities for international mobile top up download our white paper Mobile Money: the Future of International Mobile Top Up.


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