Consider this proposition: Being able to provide your business customers with hosted telephony and call center solutions of enterprise standard – all at competitive prices, and with the ease of management and maintenance that derives from having infrastructure and technical support online.
That’s the package you can offer with the IPsmarx Cloud Based Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform with Integrated SIP Trunking & Mobility – and a whole lot more, besides.


An All-in-one Solution

IPsmarx’s Cloud Based Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform delivers a full suite of VoIP telephony features in a range of packages suitable for deployment by enterprise customers of all scales – from Starter, to Elite.

In addition to its multi-tenant functionality, the solution offered by IPsmarx delivers SIP Trunking and Automated Provisioning with Integrated Switching.

Billing, Invoicing, and Reporting are all automated, and there’s an End User Portal which may be configured for Automated Set Up and Payments.

All in One Place

Management and administration of the Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform occurs through a central Web-based console with a configurable user interface that’s accessed via the Internet with client software installations on your customers’ machines.

Administrative features allow for the configuration of multiple levels of user access, and include management tools for customer service agents, and the encryption of data for business-critical functions. The distributed architecture of IPsmarx’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures a high level of compatibility with industry-standard codecs and protocols, and there’s online backup capability protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The console includes tools for managing the platform’s supported applications deployed on an organization’s mobile devices. And the platform also features e-commerce functionality in the form of its E-store.

In terms of hosting and infrastructure management, IPsmarx can do it all. This means that systems may be deployed rapidly, and with the option of scaling up or down when necessary. Technical support from IPsmarx is always on hand, and Quality of Service is assured – providers can roll out their service offerings at their own pace and preferred scale.

Enterprise solutions may be catered for with on-board tools that ease the burden imposed on organizations by the need for business analytics. The IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform includes a real-time monitoring tool, as well as facilities for monitoring unsafe accounts, preparing security logs, and authoring reports on customers by city and/or region. Analytics may be based on Average Call Duration (ACD), Average Success Ratio (ASR), or Call Detail Record (CDR).

With a Multitude of Features

More than 50 advanced telecoms features are available within the Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform, so providers can offer their clients a hosted VoIP solution that’s very much at the top end of the PBX market.

The Starter and Advanced packages offer 3-way, 4-digit, and 7-digit calling facilities, with Automated Provisioning and Auto Attendants with Music on Hold and configurable options as standard. There’s a full suite of call handling tools including Call Forwarding, Parking, Pickup, Transfer, and Waiting.

Directories may be configured to Dial by Name, and phone numbers may be allocated directly, or by DID Assignment. There’s support for remote phones, with Caller ID and Find Me Follow Me functionality. Extensions may be managed on an individual or group basis, with a Self-Service management facility. And the platform includes support for E-911 Emergency Services routing.

Messaging features include individual or group voicemail, with Voicemail to Email transcription, fax support, and Unified Messaging.

The Elite package adds enterprise features like Call Screening, Call Stealing, and Caller ID Routing to the mix. Enhanced Extension Monitoring, Automatic or Manual Call Recording, and Call Centre queueing are included, with the Key System being used for Line Sharing. And there’s support for Hotdesking (or Mobile Transfer), with integrated mobile apps for iOS and Android that support voice, video, and chat.

Providers can offer a range of pricing options, with a flexible payment structure that incorporates integrated RADIUS-based billing. Options are available for Package Billing and Invoicing, and there’s unlimited support for Rate Tables, with facilities for Minute Rounding and Fee Definition.

For Multiple Places

A core principle of the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform is its multi-tenancy. Using Cloud technologies to host multiple clients (tenants) under a single server, it’s possible to allocate resources and features to each individual customer in a secure and contained virtual environment, while drawing from a pool of centralized infrastructure and resources.

Providers who need to cater for multiple clients can achieve a greater return on their investment: First by minimizing their up-front expenditures for hardware, then in service through lower costs for maintenance and administration. Client fees and subscriptions provide a source of recurring revenue, and providers can enjoy a greater degree of control over system maintenance, administration, and account regulation.

With resources shared by multiple tenants, costs may be distributed, and providers can offer a greater range of add-ons to their clients with greater economy, and faster turnaround times for service delivery.

And the multi-tenant principle offers providers potential markets through sub-division and scale, as services may be provided to multiple premises – while within each location there may be single or multiple clients.

As a value proposition for the provider, the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform has multiple benefits.