Providing telecoms services doesn’t have to be a rigid “buyer/seller” process; it’s possible to work some symbiosis into the mix. One way is by giving your clients the opportunity to expand their portfolios and increase their own revenue streams, while ensuring a recurrent source of income for yourself.

Moreover, this can be done by increasing the brand awareness of your client organizations, while simultaneously extending the reach of the market-leading VoIP services of which you are a provider.

One platform which makes all of this possible is the IPsmarx White Label Mobile VoIP Solution for Service Providers.

One Brand, Many Names

The IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution consists of an integrated range of white label dialer applications that empower providers to deliver fully featured international calling services for the lucrative mobile device market.

It’s a white label solution, so the clients actually marketing the applications are free to rebrand them as their own – delivering a consistent quality of product to their end users, which can be widely distributed under a variety of company names.

The White Label Advantage

Putting together a VoIP service using a cluster of components from various third-party suppliers may be an effective means of delivery, but if these services are marketed by one organization, this method suffers from an inconsistency that can extend beyond the profusion of different brand names to an unsatisfactory experience for the end user – especially if compatibility problems arise, due to the interaction of elements from different manufacturers.

With a white label solution assembling products from a single manufacturer, resellers can be assured of delivering a consistent quality of goods to their clients, and avoiding the potential pitfalls stemming from compatibility issues.

For white label mobile apps, research, development and testing, infrastructure hosting and technical support remain the responsibility of the original manufacturer (IPsmarx, in this instance). This means that service providers and resellers don’t have to worry about programming, updates, or reinventing the wheel. Marketers can concentrate on promoting and selling the product to end users.


If an organization was called upon to develop its own mobile applications from scratch, there would be a significant investment of financial resources involved, to say nothing of the expertise and time required to code original apps and test them, or to provide updates, patches, and technical support.

As well as increasing the time period between the initial concept for an application and its actual market release, developers of in-house apps run the risk of putting out products which may have been superseded by events in the marketplace or developments in technology. Or of placing themselves in direct competition with other software producers who frankly are much better at it.

So for many enterprises, buying into a ready-made solution such as IPsmarx Breeze is a much wiser investment of money, time, and resources. And the fact that it’s a white label proposition enables them to exploit the benefits of rebranding to their own advantage.

Benefits of Branding and Control

With the IPsmarx White Label Mobile VoIP Solution, providers can deliver advantages to their clients who are looking to add new features to their business offerings under their own brand name. The self-branding process is quick and easy, and with a ready-made product, there’s no need for resellers to spend time or money on research and development. They can concentrate on promoting their new product range and growing their business.

Customers appreciate knowing where the products they use originate from, and having a white label platform allows organizations to provide a consistent name, label, and visual presentation across the entire range of applications they provide. The rebranding ethic favors the organizations reselling the software too, as they can build a uniform marketing strategy that embraces all of their branded portfolio, and creates a clear conversion path for transactions with their customers.

Providers of the IPsmarx White Label Mobile VoIP Solution enjoy the benefits of a recurring stream of revenue from the agents and resellers to whom they deliver the mobile applications for further distribution to end users.

The mobile apps are fully integrated with IPsmarx’s renowned mobile VoIP platform, so resellers can assure their customers of a premium service delivery, which has been designed by experts in the field, and is backed by their proven infrastructure and technical support.

Beyond the Softphone

The phenomenal rise of the smartphone and other mobile devices has seen a corresponding increase in the need for reliable and efficient telecoms delivery. Mobile VoIP fits this profile, and has become a greatly desired service and a huge industry in its own right.

Though traditionally deployed in office settings using headsets and dedicated software (the “softphone”), the popularity of mobile spells the need for a VoIP solution that’s tailored specifically for the unique characteristics of the smartphone and hand-held formats.

The IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution provides this. At its core is the award-winning Class 5 Softswitch, powering a platform from which providers can offer their existing clients the calling plans and telecoms features that make up a mobile VoIP service worth sticking with – and one which is an enticing prospect for new customers.

Extending the Reach

The Breeze family of white label mobile dialer applications are a “ready to go” set of tools which organizations can quickly and easily customize to their own brand. There’s no fuss, so providers can assure their customers of a rapid time to market, as IPsmarx takes responsibility for handling the approval and placement processes in the major app marketplaces.

With statistics from Apple suggesting that 98% of the Fortune 500 companies have a branded mobile application of their own, and fewer than 1% of small businesses being able to boast of a mobile app, the IPsmarx White Label Mobile VoIP Solution is an attractive prospect for smaller-scale enterprises looking to project a more high-profile image, by selling their own branded applications.

Products may be resold through the Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, the Windows Store and the Google Play Store. And apps in the IPsmarx Breeze family are compatible with the corresponding operating environments: iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android.

Enhancing Remote Access

Apps in the Breeze suite may be used to allow customers the benefit of free IP-IP call facilities within the network. Providers can offer their clients the convenience of being able to contact friends, family, and associates who are also on their mobile VoIP service across international borders – directly from their mobile devices and at no charge.

The Breeze platform features Advanced VPN Tunneling, which creates Virtual Private Networks (a kind of “cloaking” that masks location data, IP addresses and other information), to allow customers easier access to VoIP services and private networks.

This can be an invaluable tool for international clients based in restrictive jurisdictions that strictly police communications routes and internet access. It’s also an attractive feature for enterprises wishing to provide remote access via BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or corporate mobile devices, to their employees in various locations.

Creating Global Networks

Breeze also makes it possible for users to extend their network of contacts across the globe. Providers can offer their clients a pre-packaged set of features and apps that allow customers to designate international phone numbers (DIDs) which are automatically forwarded to their mobile devices. Inbound international calling facilities become available to customers, while the people who are calling them are only charged at local rates.

This feature can be of great convenience to expatriate or international customers with family and associates based in other countries, as it allows them to assign designated out-of-country numbers to their accounts, and to have any calls made to these numbers automatically forwarded to the mobile devices registered with their mobile VoIP service.

Multiple Payment Options

The IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution provides a range of payment options, making it easier for customers to pay their service providers. There are facilities for recharging and account payment online, inside the mobile applications, or through the phone (IVR).

Customers without access to credit cards have the option of paying for their VoIP service with special vouchers. For providers, this extends the potential reach of the service delivery to emerging markets (such as those in developing countries), where methods of cashless payment have not yet fully matured.

Within the mobile apps, the Breeze PINless Dialer allows customers to access a new service known as International Mobile Top Up, through which they can purchase mobile airtime for friends and family members in other countries.

Plus a Host of Features

A mobile VoIP service offering may be judged by its features, and the IPsmarx White Label Mobile VoIP Solution for Service Providers doesn’t disappoint.

Beyond the standard call features such as Caller ID, Hold, Waiting, and Forwarding, there’s a Call History Display with Time and Call Status for mobile phone screens, which can also display account balances, call destinations and call rates.

There’s a Contact List, Follow Me function, Mute, Redial, and Speakerphone, with In-app Registration, Multi-tasking, and message handling that includes Voicemail and Voicemail to Email transcription.

Bundled in a white label package that offers resellers the opportunity to personally brand its mobile apps and manage their distribution and revenue streams, the IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution is an excellent value proposition for service providers.