A recent report by Global Industry Analysis predicts that by 2018 the VoIP market will generate $20 billion in revenue, propelled largely by growing demand for SMB VoIP solutions.

Over the past few years there has been a steady trend of SMBs migrating toward VoIP services.

For instance, the communications company IDG Enterprise recently conducted a survey of over 1100 decision-makers across a variety of industries, examining attitudes towards new ITs such as VoIP.

55% of respondents said they plan to invest in VoIP this year, assuming they have not already done so.

And that’s only this year.

By 2016, the leading market research firm Infonetics expects the number of seats for hosted VoIP services to double, driving VoIP revenue up and SMB costs down.

As TJ McCue of Forbes puts it, “VoIP technology has saved corporations, small and large, millions of dollars.” Combine this with the capabilities VoIP offers compared to copper-wire telephony and it’s easy to see why SMBs are migrating to VoIP.

Mobility and Flexibility

With VoIP solutions, users have access to their network virtually anywhere at any time using a variety of devices. Given the trend of telecommuting, it’s no wonder why SMBs are seeking VoIP services for features like this.

Long Distance Calling and Virtual Phone Numbers

SMBs that do business over large areas can easily rack up a fortune using landlines. VoIP long distance calling is especially attractive to such SMBs due to dramatically reduced costs.

Virtual phone numbers are another feature SMBs find attractive. This feature allows users to assign a virtual phone number from one region to another without paying for two numbers or a fixed line connection. So if a SMB is located in New York, but does a lot of business in California using telephony, it’s going to save a bundle by using VoIP.

Unified Communications

The integration of data and voice is a major draw for SMBs. Not only does it save businesses money, it improves productivity by integrating telephony with business applications.

Call Handling

SMB VoIP solutions provide crucial call handling features such as call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling at a fraction of the cost of old copper-wire telephony. This allows SMBs to run their business more efficiently while increasing their profit margin.

While SMB VoIP solutions offer many irresistible advantages to small businesses, they also open up solid opportunities for service providers.

As a service provider, being able to provide your clients with the best solutions is essential.

Our SMB VoIP Solutions allow you to offer your clients all the aforementioned features and more. With built-in functions like integrated billing and account management, they adapt to your business model and scale as you grow.

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