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    Leading Mobile Solution for International, Residential and Business VoIP Services

    Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution

    The IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution comprises a family of white-label mobile dialer applications that enable service providers to deliver cost-effective and feature-rich international VoIP calling services to mobile devices.

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    Your Custom-Branded App Available in App Stores

    The Breeze family of mobile dialers are complete out-of-the-box white-label apps that customize to your brand. IPsmarx handles the approval and placement process for all app marketplaces: the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, the Windows Store and the Google Play Store.

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    Mobile App for All Main Devices and Operative Systems

     Apple IOs



     Windows Phone

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    Attract Customers with Free In-Network IP-IP Calling

    With Breeze, your customers can enjoy free high quality in-network international calling from the convenience of their mobile device. For example, if you have customers in London with friends and family also using your mobile VoIP service in Mumbai, each party can call one another for free.

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    Advanced VPN Tunneling for Easy VoIP and Private Network Access

    By making use of VPN tunneling, Breeze allows end users to…

    Access VoIP in regions where it would be otherwise difficult to do so, such as the Middle East.

    Access VoIP from mobile devices through a secured private network—an attractive feature for businesses that want to provide employees remote access via BYOD or corporate mobile devices.

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    Offer Multiple International Phone Number Assignment

    Breeze enables you to offer your customers international numbers (DIDs) that are automatically forwarded to their mobile device. Your customers gain convenient inbound international calling while the people who call them enjoy cost-effective local rates.

    For example, if a customer of yours has friends and family in Mexico, but lives in the US, this customer can assign Mexican numbers to their account. Calls made to the Mexican numbers will automatically forward to their mobile device registered with your service.

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    Multiple Recharge Options for Easy Customer Payments

    Breeze provides multiple options for customers to recharge their account, making it easier for them to pay you.

    Through the Phone (IVR)

    Customers who lack access to credit cards can even pay for your service using vouchers, enabling you to reach otherwise difficult to reach customers such as those in developing countries.

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    Cutting Edge Instant Messaging and Presence Features

    Attract customers with a suite of rich communication features:

    IM (Instant Messaging)

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    Seamless Call Forwarding and Follow Me Features

    With the Call Forwarding and Follow Me features, your customers will be able to conveniently receive calls made to their landline, office or other phones on their mobile–an especially attractive ability for people on the go such as business travelers.

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    Capitalize on Emerging Trends: International Mobile Top Up

    International Mobile Top Up is a new service that enables people to purchase mobile airtime for friends and family overseas. The Breeze PINless Dialer lets your customers access this service from within the app.

    International Mobile Top Up


    Breeze blows down barriers: Podcast on IPsmarx

    IPsmarx opens the door to VoIP Service Providers seeking to sell VoIP on mobility devices. The podcast discusses the benefits and convenience a Mobile VoIP Application can offer end-users, and how VoIP Service Providers can get their very own with Breeze Complete Mobile VoIP Solution.

    Core Features

    The Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution includes the following features. 

    Customer Experience*

    Ability to Make and Receive Calls
    Balance Display
    Destination and Rate Display
    Call Forwarding
    Call History Display with Time and Call Status
    Call Hold
    Call Waiting
    Caller ID
    Contact List
    Enable/Disable Work Only with WiFi Option
    Follow Me
    In-app Registration
    Music on Hold
    Recharge Through Credit Card
    Register Status Display
    Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

    *Exact feature list varies by operating system and device

    Call Management

    Carrier Failover Support
    DTMF Support via RFC 2833
    Port Limitation Support
    Prefix-Based Routing
    Priority-Based Routing
    SIP Proxy with Topology Hiding
    Unlimited Multiple Carrier Support

    System Management

    Application Manager
    Carrier Grade Reliability & Compatibility
    Centralized Web Based Administration
    Customer Service Agent Management
    Data Encryption for Critical Data Storage
    Distributed Architecture
    Email Notification System
    High-Level Codec & Protocol Compatibility
    Multiple Levels of User Access
    Online Backup System
    Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    Unified Customer Management


    Advanced Taxation System
    Flexible Payment Structure
    Integrated RADIUS-based Billing
    Rounding Charge Support

    Monitoring and Reporting

    ACD (Average Call Duration)
    ASR (Average Success Ratio)
    CDR (Call Detail Record)
    Country/City Reports
    Customer Reports
    Real-Time Monitoring Tool
    Security Logs
    Unsafe Account Monitoring

    IM Talk

    A customized VoIP application for smartphones that delivers competitive international rates and free in-network calling.

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    Custom Features

    Choose from the following features to customize a bundle tailored to your business model.

     Customer Experience

    Additional IVR Languages
    Custom Welcome IVR
    Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence
    Mobile Top Up
    Mobile Top Up Through IVR
    Recharge Through IVR
    Sign Up Through IVR
    SMS Notifications
    Speed Dial
    Transfer Card Balance

      Call Management

    DID Forwarding
    Direct DID
    DTMF Support via RFC 2833
    Hunt-Stop & Route Suspension
    IP Video Support
    Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    Multi-Dial Plan

     System Management

    Advanced RTP Management
    Class 5 Server
    H323 Support
    SIP Card
    Spanish Platform
    Support Ticketing System


    Auto Recharge/Recurring Billing
    Disconnect Fee
    Minute Shrinking
    Package Billing
    Step Billing
    Unified Invoicing

     Resellers and Agents

    Reseller Management
    Payment Based Reseller
    PINless Reseller Reseller
    Web Portal
    Retail Store
    Recharge Through IVR
    Usage Based Reseller
    White Label Reseller


    Gift Card
    Bonus Points
    Promotion & Discount Tool
    Message Board
    Referral Program Management


    Customer Portal

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