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  • All-in-One VoIP Callshop Solution

    Designed for Competitive Callshop and Internet Café Operators


    The IPsmarx CallShop Solution enables callshop, Internet café and contact center operators to provide reliable, high quality and cost-effective international and long distance VoIP calling to their customers. An all-in-one solution, it integrates billing, call routing and system management into a single platform. This platform is managed using an intuitive web interface, which provides multiple levels of access for administrators, resellers and end users.

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    Control Revenue and Costs with Integrated Billing

    The IPsmarx Callshop Solution gives operators the billing tools they need to reduce costs and maximize revenue.
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    Intelligent Call Routing with Multiple Carrier Support

    With advanced call routing features and multiple carrier support, callshop and Internet café operators can expand their options in terms of price, quality or both.

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    Easy Auto-Provisioning of Endpoint Devices

    With auto-provisioning callshop and Internet café operators will never have to worry about manually configuring endpoint devices such as IP-phones or adaptors again. The IPsmarx Callshop Solution automatically does so.

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    Actionable Data and Insightful Reports

    With tools such as call detail reports (CDR), administrators gain the intelligence they need to effectively manage their operations.

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    Robust and Scalable Multiple Callshop Support

    A scalable platform, the IPsmarx Callshop Solution can support services to a single callshop or multiple callshops and Internet cafés.

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    Core Features

    IPsmarx solutions make use of the following features.

    Call Management

    Easy Dialing Plan
    Unlimited Multiple Carrier Support
    Unlimited Multiple DID Support
    Toll Free & Local Access Numbers
    Advanced IVR Menu
    Carrier Failover Support


    Flexible Post/Pre Paid Rate Management
    Surcharge Time Support
    Rounding Charge Support
    Recurrent Fee Support
    Per Customer Group Billing
    Per Access Number Billing
    Per Service Billing
    Per Route Billing
    Real-time Billing
    Rate Finder

    System Management

    Centralized Web Based Administration
    Carrier Grade Reliability & Compatibility
    High-Level Codec & Protocol Compatibility
    Customer Service Agent Management
    Multiple Levels of User Access
    Import/Export Capabilities
    Online Backup System
    Email Notification System
    Flexible Customer Group Definition
    Booth Management
    Rate Management

    Monitoring and Reporting

    Real-Time Monitoring Tool
    CDR (Call Detail Record)
    ASR (Average Success Ratio)
    ACD (Average Call Duration)
    Customer Reports
    Calling Card Reports
    Country/City Reports
    Security Logs
    Unsafe Account Monitoring
    Usage Report

    Custom Features

    Choose from the following features to customize a bundle tailored to your business model.

     Customer Experience

    Additional IVR Languages
    Custom Welcome IVR
    Mobile Top Up
    Mobile Top Up Through IVR
    Recharge Through IVR
    Sign Up Through IVR
    SMS Notifications
    Speed Dial
    Transfer Card Balance

      Call Management

    DID Forwarding
    Direct DID
    Hunt-Stop & Route Suspension
    IP Video Support
    Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    Multi-Dial Plan
    Multi-Level Callshop

     System Management

    Advanced RTP Management
    Auto Provisioning
    Class 5 Server
    H323 Support
    SIP Card
    Spanish Platform
    Support Ticketing System


    Auto Recharge/Recurring Billing
    Disconnect Fee
    Minute Shrinking
    Package Billing
    Step Billing
    Unified Invoicing

     Resellers and Agents

    Reseller Management
    Payment Based Reseller
    PINless Reseller
    Reseller Web Portal
    Retail Store Recharge Through IVR
    Usage Based Reseller
    White Label Reseller


    Breeze Mobile PINless Dialer
    Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution
    IM (Instant Messaging) and Presence


    Gift Card
    Promotional Tools


    Customer Portal

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