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  • Cloud-Based Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Software

    VoIP Solution With Enterprise Voice Features and Service Provider Management Tools

    Cloud-Based Multi-Tenant IP-PBX

    The IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX enables providers to deliver reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable IP-PBX services to business clients and resellers from a single all-in-one solution, which is easily managed from a central web interface. The solution is multi-tenant, which means it can provide services to multiple premises. These premises can be those of a single client or multiple clients.

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    Enterprise and PBX Calling Features

    VoIP providers can deliver essential PBX features like voicemail, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call parking, call pickup, call transfer, call waiting, and more.

    Additionally, advanced enterprise features like extension monitoring, call screening, caller ID routing and line sharing (key system) can be included.

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    All-in-One Solution: Integrated Billing, Call Management and More

    The IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX equips providers with everything they need to deliver, manage, monitor and bill for competitive PBX services in a single platform.

    Client Management
    Call Management
    Integrated Billing
    Call Monitoring and Reporting Tools

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    Class 5 Softswitch
    internet to IP Phone

    Easy Deployment and Service Delivery

    Deployment is easy with auto-provisioning and cloud-based service delivery. No costly hardware needs to be set up at the customer’s location, which translates to huge savings for the service provider as well as their customers.

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    Seamlessly Integrated E-Commerce Portals

    With the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX, service providers gain a complete ecommerce portal that facilitates easy client registrations and enables secure payments. A customizable solution, the ecommerce portal adapts to the service provider’s brand.

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    Apps for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows

    Capitalize on Emerging Trends: BYOD and Mobile VoIP

    As more SMBs and enterprises continue to adopt mobile BYOD (bring your own device) practices, service providers that facilitate these practices stand to benefit. The IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX can be integrated with the IPsmarx Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution to provide mobile VoIP services to employee mobile devices.

    Mobile VoIP App

    Enhance Your Offering with SIP Trunking and Class 5 Service

    The IPsmarx SIP Trunking Solution allows PBX providers to deliver robust VoIP services to their SMB and enterprise clients. Alternatively,  providers can deliver standard Class 5 VoIP services to small office/home office clients who do not require the full range of PBX features.

    SIP Trunking Class 5 Softswitch
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    The IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX includes the following features. Some of the items are Add-on modules and need to be purchased separately.

    PBX Features

    • 3 Way Calling
    • 4-Digit Dialing
    • 7-Digit Dialing
    • Auto Attendant
    • Auto Attendant Bypass
    • Auto Provisioning
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Parking
    • Call Pickup
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID
    • Dial by name directory
    • DID Assignment
    • Direct Phone Number Assignment
    • E-911 Emergency Service
    • Extension Group Management
    • Extension Range Flexibility
    • Find Me Follow Me
    • Flexible Auto Attendant Routing
    • Music on hold
    • Remote Phone Support
    • Self Service Extension Management
    • Voicemail & group voicemail
    • Voicemail to Email & Unified Messaging

    System Management

    • Estore
    • Application Manager
    • Carrier Grade Reliability & Compatibility
    • Centralized Web Based Administration
    • Customer Service Agent Management
    • Data Encryption for Critical Data Storage
    • Distributed Architecture
    • Email Notification System
    • High-Level Codec & Protocol Compatibility
    • Multiple Levels of User Access
    • Online Backup System
    • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    • Redundancy
    • End User/Customer Portal
    • Unified Customer Management

    Enterprise ( Add-on )

    Call Screening
    Caller ID Routing
    Extension Monitoring
    Line Sharing (Key System)
    Call center ( Queue )
    Call Recording (Automatic & Manual )
    Mobile App with Voice, Video and Chat support
    Hotdesking ( Mobile Transfer )
    Call Steal

    Monitoring and Reporting

    • ACD (Average Call Duration)
    • ASR (Average Success Ratio)
    • CDR (Call Detail Record)
    • Country/City Reports
    • Customer Reports
    • Real-Time Monitoring Tool
    • Security Logs
    • Unsafe Account Monitoring

    Call Management

    • Carrier Failover Support
    • Port Limitation Support
    • Prefix-Based Routing
    • Priority-Based Routing
    • SIP Proxy with Topology Hiding
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Unlimited Multiple Carrier Support


    • Flexible Payment Structure
    • Integrated RADIUS-based Billing
    • Minute Rounding & Fee Definition
    • Unlimited Rate Table Support
    • Auto Recharge/Recurring Billing
    • E-Commerce/Online Payment
    • Package Billing
    • Invoicing

    IGT Networks

    IGT Networks finds success with the robust IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX platform after years of struggling with open source systems.

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