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SS7 Solution


SS7 Solution Overview

VoIP Service Providers generally rely on carriers to connect their calls to PSTN and GSM networks. Most carriers accept VoIP traffic in the form of SIP or H323. However, some carriers only allow interconnection through SS7 signaling. To accommodate Service Providers who need to interconnect with SS7 Carriers, IPsmarx offers their SS7 Support Solution.

The IPsmarx Softswitch supports SS7 signaling with the addition of the Encore Networks’ SP-201-Z gateway, a Quintum VoIP gateway, and SS7 Support Module. Many types of out-of-band signaling protocols exist globally while many countries have different protocols simultaneously in use within its networks. With its extensive list of seamless protocol support, the SP-201-Z breaks down the barriers presented by these different protocols and enable the flow of information across any network. This solution includes configuration and integration of the Encore SS7 and the Quintum VoIP gateways, enabling Carriers to interconnect with carriers that only support SS7 signaling.

In contrast to other SS7 solutions, the IPsmarx SS7 Support Solution is scalable, so Service Providers can enter the market with a low initial investment and avoid expensive network upgrades.

The SS7 Support Solution can be added to any of the IPsmarx platforms including, Softswitch Solution, Class 4 Softswitch, Calling Card Solution, Callshop Solution, and Callback Solution. For more information about our billing solutions, click here.

 Encore Networks SP201-Z™ Signaling Gateway Features

Extensive Protocol Support

The following protocols are available, as well as a wide variety of custom variants:


Superior Maintenance and Diagnostics

  • Multiple maintenance features enable quick and cost-effective resolution of network problems.
  • Trace functionality is available to aid in trouble- shooting configuration and network problems.
  • Visual and dry contact alarms allow for remote and local monitoring.
  • Remote management capabilities enable out-ofband console port access.

Compact Chassis Design

  • The SP201-Z features a compact 1U height designed for budgeted space, with a capacity of up to four E1 or T1 interfaces for carrier locations with low-end requirements.
  • Chassis-based, the SP201-Z is designed specifically for today’s high standards in the communications environment.

Other Product Features

  • Standard connections (RJ48, BNC)
  • Up to four E1 or T1 trunks (full duplex, eight ports)
  • Up to 120 DS0s per chassis
  • DPC routing
  • ANI substitution

How does the IPsmarx SS7 Solution work?

SS7 Solution

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