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IPSmarx SIP Based Calling Card Solution


SIP Based Calling Card Solution Overview

IPsmarx Calling Card Platform is the only totally turnkey solution that can be designed to your exact specifications, and with our NEW Rechargeable Calling Card Add-On Module Pack selling physical calling cards is now faster than selling pinless over the internet, plus it enables customer to instantly recharge existing hard calling cards.

 The IPsmarx’ Calling Card Software is SIP Based, and takes advantage of DID technology, eliminating the need for a VoIP gateway and PSTN lines.  Because this solution is fully over IP, you can increase market share, reduce time to market, and decrease operating costs.   With an abundance of advanced features, IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Solution also allows you to differentiate your calling card business in the market easily.

 The NEW Rechargeable Calling Card Add-On Module Pack is an important innovation in the physical prepaid calling card market.   The features of this innovative solution include;

  • Auto PINless for Prepaid Calling Cards
  • SMS Notification for Low Balance, New Account Set Up, and Recharge/Add Balance
  • Option to offer $1 Free for New Customers on first use
  • Ability to Transfer Balance from a new PIN to existing account
  • E-store Integration (New Calling Card Users can now see CDR, recharge, and transfer balance on website)


Increase Your Market Share

Because IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card System takes advantage of DID technology, you can provide calling card services to customers worldwide (wherever DIDs are available) – and you only need one platform.

Reduce Set Up Time

With no gateway necessary in this solution, set up is quick and easy and takes as little as 10 business days. Since you do not have to order phone lines, you can have your requirements in place in as little as 48 hours.

Decrease Operating Costs

This solution eliminates the need for a gateway and physical landlines, decreasing initial investment and overhead cost. It also minimizes the space needed to store you solution – you only need 1 U of rack space for this system.

Increased Functionality and Ease of Use

There is no gateway configuration necessary in order to make changes to your dialing plan, so carrier management is hassle-free and does not require technical knowledge. IPsmarx’ SIP Based Calling Card solution also has additional optional features such as a customizable IVR so you can create your own voice messages and advertisements –all in an easy process that requires no gateway configuration.

Unlike allot VoIP Solution Providers, IPsmarx has always maintained an in-house R&D team that consistently delivers innovative and cutting edge VoIP software. We are not a reseller of another brand of software. All of our solutions are designed and developed in house, giving VoIP Service Providers the benefit of highly skilled technical support, customized features, and innovative solutions.

Calling Card Platform Key Features

IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform includes the following features:


Advanced IVR Menu

IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform comes equipped with standard and advanced IVR messages. The administrator has the option to have the IVR announce time remaining in hours and minutes or only in minutes. The IVR can announce account balance, an option to redial the last number dialed and it can ask the user if they wish to make the card Pin-less upon next use. The IVR also gives the option to enable or disable ANI (Pin-less). With the purchase of the Recharge through IVR module, the IVR can also prompt the end user to recharge the card over the phone. With the purchase of the Speed Dial add-on module, the IVR will also prompt the end user to define, review, or change their speed dial numbers. Note that the Flexible IVR add-on module can also be added to the platform in order to create custom welcome messages.

User Friendly Dialing Plan

Because there is no gateway configuration necessary the dialing plan and carriers can be managed through one user friendly web interface - no Quintum or Cisco certification necessary!

Online Call Monitoring Tool

With this tool, administrators can view the number of calling card users online along with some additional information regarding their activity.


Web-based GUI

IPsmarx billing platform is web-based, allowing administrators to log in from anywhere they have internet access in order to manage their system.

Online Backup System

This tool allows administrators to backup their database online. Using a link, their file will be available to save on a local hard drive, simplifying database restoration if needed.

Toll Free & Local Access Number Management

Defining toll free and local access numbers with various IVR options is easy with this feature. IPsmarx gives the flexibility to define the following options for each access number: Announce Time Announce Balance Announce both Time and Balance No Announcement Charge Additional Per Minute Rate Add an Extra Charge Per Call Activate/Deactivate the Access Number


DID Provider Management

Manage multiple DID providers with IP based authentication and SIP support. This tool enables management of DID providers with multiple IP addresses. Administrators have the option to enable or disable accounts as necessary.

Grace & Surcharge Time Support

Administrators have the option to define a grace period for which there is no cost for hanging up a call during the predetermined timeframe. They can also set up surcharge fees after a specified time is reached.

Rounding Support

Minimum connection time and minute rounding are supported by IPsmarx SIP based Calling Card Platform. Administrators can define their own rounding parameters, such as 30/6 or 60/60.


Email Notification System

Administrators have the flexibility to create their own customized email template and settings in order to notify their end users of low balance. When an end user's balance goes below a predefined threshold amount, the IPsmarx system will automatically send them an email alert as specified by the administrator. Emails can also be sent after registration on the website and when the usage limit has been reached. Note: This is only available with the addition of the Home Service add-on module.

User Group Definition Tool

This tool allows administrators to group end users and define various billing parameters for each group such as:

    Validity Days & Expiration Date
  • Administrators can define the amount of days a calling card will be valid for after the first use.
  • An Expiration date can be set as the date service will end, regardless of end user usage.

    Maintenance Period & Fee
  • The number of days in a maintenance period and fee that will be charged after each maintenance period can be defined.
  • Administrators also have the option to stop charging maintenance fees after a maximum maintenance fee is reached.

    Monthly Fee
  • A flat monthly fee can be charged to calling card and/or home service users.

End users who sign up online can also be defined as a group in order to apply specific fees to them.


Customer Service Tools

Customer service is made easy with pre-defined access for customer service agents. Administrators determine the reports their customer service agents will have access to. From this access, agents can refund calls in any dollar amount, up to the cost of the call. For security measures, a call cannot be refunded more than the cost of the call. and status.

Unlimited PIN Generation

There is no limit to the number of PINs that can be generated. This feature also enables you to activate PINs in batches. For example, you can activate 50 PINs or 50,000 PINs at a time. You can also deactivate PINs as a way to safeguard your business.


Flexible PIN Definition

End users can define their own shortened PIN or vanity PIN number, making international calling convenient. Note: This is only available with the addition of the PINless add-on module.


Manage Users / Define User Level Access

With this feature you can support multiple users with different levels of access, enabling you to seamlessly manage administrators, supervisors and customer service users.


Import/Export Capabilities

IPsmarx solutions are compatible with Microsoft Excel. For all available reports in the IPsmarx calling card platform, there is an export section that allows you to save reports in an Excel file and export them to your desktop. You can also create and manipulate files in Excel and then import them back into the application.

Enhanced VoIP Billing

IPsmarx enhanced billing features include the capability to create different rates for each country and city, generate dedicated rates-per-service, and differentiate rates for prepaid and postpaid customers. Administrators can define tax and set usage limits.



Flexible Rate Management & Advanced Charges

Once a rate is defined for each country and city, you can set up different rounding and free-time for each individual route. Even within one selling package, clients are capable of setting up different surcharge fees, surcharge times, and rounding charges for their customers. Rates may also be setup for specific days and hours. For example, special rates could be set up for weekends or holidays.

Advanced charges, such as surcharge and connection fees, can be applied to the calling card services. This feature also enables scheduled maintenance periods and maintenance fees for each individual service.

Generally, charges are "after-call" charges. This means that the charge amount will be deducted from the client's account when the call is terminated. In this scenario, if the client were to use the entire balance, the account deduction would go negative. The IPsmarx Calling Card Solution allows for defining upfront charges. In this scenario, the system will deduct the charges before the call is connected.

Centralized Administration

This feature allows all administrative and management tasks to be performed through a web portal. You can use your own dedicated web portal to check ASR (Average Success Rate), ACD (Average Call Duration), and CDR (Call Detail Record) Reports.


Validity Date Support

This feature enables administrators to set an expiration date for their calling cards so that after the pre-determined date a card will not longer be valid.

Unlimited Carriers, Multiple Carrier, & Fail-Over

This feature allows for an unlimited number of carriers and enables the carriers to be prioritized. For example, if the call fails on the first attempt, the system will automatically forward the call to the 2nd available carrier and continue until the call is connected. This feature also offers the capability to define a specific destination to be terminated by one dedicated carrier.

Carrier Grade Reliability & Compatibility

The IPsmarx Calling Card Solution is compatible with end-point carriers that support IP-based (SIP & H323) or TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing). The IPsmarx solution requires a VoIP gateway to connect with TDM.


Real-time Monitoring and System Alerts

Monitor your business in real-time by using IPsmarx calling card platform to check the status of all activity at any given time. This feature shows where calls are coming from, which accounts are calling, and the destination of the calls. Additionally, the application shows the terminating carrier. This information provides a complete view of live traffic and status.

Comprehensive Reporting

The IPsmarx Calling Card Solution provides a wide variety of comprehensive reports including:

CDR (Call Detail Record) - A complete report that includes PIN, Service, Country, City, Duration (minutes), Final Duration (minutes after rounding), Rate, and Total Cost of each call.

ASR (Average Success Ratio) - A Quality of Service Based report that shows the average success rate for calls to all or one particular destination or carrier.

Customer Reports - This report allows you to view your customers' balance and view suspended customers.

Advanced Reports -Segment by rate plan, country, city and date to view specific data. Calling Card Reports - Using this feature, you can check cards used, expired cards, and active cards.


High-Level Codec & Protocol Compatibility

The IPsmarx Calling Card Solution is compatible with all available codecs supported by the VoIP gateway (G723, G729, G726, & G711). It also supports codec negotiations and is capable of selecting different codecs for different carriers. IPsmarx solutions also support both SIP and H323 protocols.

Manage Access Numbers

This option allows you to apply settings to be enabled or disabled per access number. For example, you can define DID selling rate per minute, extra charge per call, multi session, announcement, balance announcement, Pin-less feature, IVR language.


Calling Card Software Add-On Modules

IPsmarx Add-On Modules are optional features you may choose to add when customizing your VoIP Calling Card Software.  These modules can be easily installed with no down-time.

PINless Account Management:

  • Home Service Module


    • IPsmarx E-Store Module


      • Least Cost Routing
      • Multi-Dial Plan Module
      • Package Billing

          Billing and Additional Fees:

        • IPsmarx IVR-Switch Module
        • Step Billing Module
        • Disconnect Fee Module

            Calling Features:

          • Speed Dial Module
          • Flexible Welcome Message
          • Additional IVR Languages

              Marketing and Promotional Features:

            • Marketing Tools
            • Gift Card Solution


              • Rechargeable Calling Card Module
              • Top Up Module

                  Reseller Management and Recharge:

                • Reseller Management Module
                • Retail Store Agent Recharge Through IVR

                    Compatibility, Support and Security:

                  • H323 Support Module
                  • Trouble Ticketing System
                  • Redundancy

                  • PINless Account Management

                    Home Service Module top

                    Allow your customers to create an account with you so they can pre or postpay for their usage. They can check their usage report and recharge their account at any time. They will have a local access number to dial when they want to make long distance calls and will never have to enter a PIN because the module has ANI recognition. IPsmarx billing for Residential/Business services provides you a complete toolkit to manage billing, customer and call information related to both prepaid and postpaid service options.

                    Features include:
                    • Invoicing for postpaid and prepaid customers
                    • Optional additional fees such as surcharge or connection fee.
                    • Online Customer Registration (With the purchase of the E-store Module)



                    IPsmarx E-Store Module top

                    The IPsmarx E-store module is an E-Commerce Solution that is fully integrated with our billing platform. Configuration with a supported merchant account is also included in this module. Using the E-store, you can offer fully automated sign up and online payment for your customers as well as a user portal with access to payment history, call detail records, and account recharge. Design of the front end of the E-store (your homepage) can be fully customized to your company and brand by a certified web designer.


                    Routing and Billing

                    Least Cost Routing top

                    Least Cost Routing is a tool that ensures your calls will go to the lowest cost carrier in your end point carrier list. Through this module you can run LCR and the system will automatically create a Dial plan for your call routing.

                    Multi-Dial Plan Module top

                    With the Multi-Dial plan feature, you can have multiple dial plans that are each assigned to a particular service you offer. For example, you could offer two different tiers of VoIP service - a “Premium” quality service and a “Regular” quality service. Each route is able to offer different qualities, yet remain part of the same overall dial plan. This could also be used when testing new carriers, ensuring live traffic routes are uninterrupted.

                    Package Billing top

                    With this feature, carriers can create monthly calling plans and define unlimited minutes or a determined amount of free minutes to specific pre-defined destinations. For example, a carrier may offer a flat fee for a specific number of ports per month.


                    Additional Fees

                    IPsmarx IVR-Switch Module top

                    The IPsmarx IVR Module allows you to enable IVR-Switch for your postpaid or prepaid customers. Using this module, the system will announce the virtual call time, however the real time of the call duration may be different because it will be based on the percentage you have set for minute shrinking. This concept is also referred to as 'minute shrinking'. You can set up the IVR percentage for each destination. For example, if your percentage for a destination "A" is setup at 80%, the call will be disconnected when 80% of announced time is used.

                    Step Billing Module top

                    Step Billing allows administrators to set up rates that can be increased twice during a call and is configured per code within a selling table based on time and percentage. In order for the step billing to apply, the call duration needs to surpass the step time previously configured.

                    Disconnect Fee Module top

                    The Disconnect Fee Module can be programmed to trigger the system to charge a fee that is calculated on a percentage amount based on the length of connection. The fee is applied once a call is disconnected to tally the total duration of the call. If the call lasted less time than the pre-sent disconnection time, this fee is not applied.


                    Calling Features

                    Speed Dial Module top

                    With this feature, your Home Service customers can set up a favorite list, similar to an address book, to make calling their friends quick and easy. You must have the Home Service module to support this feature.

                    Flexible Welcome Message top

                    This module allows you to customize your own IVR messages and import them in to the system using a .wav or .mp3 file.

                    Additional IVR Languages top

                    The IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform comes equipped with American English IVR messages. Additional IVR messages are available in the following languages:

                    • Albanian
                    • Arabic
                    • British English
                    • Cantonese
                    • Farsi
                    • French
                    • German
                    • Greek
                    • Korean
                    • Mandarin
                    • Romanian
                    • Russian
                    • Spanish
                    • Vietnamese


                    Marketing and Promotional Features

                    Marketing Tools top

                    Whether it’s creating a new service offering, or implementing a new marketing campaign, the IPsmarx solution streamlines the process, allowing your team to focus on marketing strategy instead of lengthy technical implementation. Our suite of integrated marketing tools empowers your marketing team to create promotions, loyalty & referral programs, service & rate packages, manage email campaigns, offer gift cards, and update your website with the latest news and promotional information – all with just the click of a mouse.

                      Bonus Points

                      This application enables your marketing team to define a point system to encourage customer loyalty. For example, they may define that for every $100 spent, customers can receive 5 bonus points that can redeemed for free minutes, similar to frequent flier miles.

                      Referral Program Management

                      To encourage customer referrals, this application allows you to reward your customers for referring friends to sign up for this service. Customers who refer friends are eligible to receive a pre-determined number of bonus points that they may redeem for your products and services.

                      Message Board

                      Your Marketing Team can easily display messages to various customer groups on the customer web portal, making it easy for your customers to find out about your latest news and promotions.

                      Promotion Discount Tool

                      In conjunction with the IPsmarx E-store, this tool allows you to create competitive ways to position your services, while adding value to your customer’s purchase and driving your online sales. Using this tool, you can create a coupon or a discount equivalent to a dollar value or percentage and asign the coupon or discount to the online services you would like to offer to your customers.

                    Gift Card Solution top

                    Creating and managing gift cards is easy with our Gift Card Solution. Your customers are also able to redeem gift cards online through our E-Commerce Solution. Note: This is only available with the addition of the Home Service add-on module.



                    Rechargeable Calling Card Module top

                    With the Rechargeable Calling Card module, you can offer your clients the PINless calling card service feature, where they only have to enter their pin once in a lifetime.  You also have the option of extending $1 Free to clients on their first use.  Using the low balance notification feature lets your clients know in advance that they are reaching the end of their balance, and enabling them to top up their balance over the phone or online.  With this New Rechargeable Calling Card module, clients will also have the convenience of transferring their balances from other cards to one card.  This new module revolutionizes the way calling cards are being used today.

                    Top Up Module top

                    This module allows end users to add funds to the balance on their prepaid calling card at their convenience. They can add funds via the phone or in person. This module recognizes pin-less users and any saved information on their account (eg. Speed Dial) so they don’t have to re-enter this information when they top up. End users can continue to use their calling card with original PIN and top up whenever needed.


                    Reseller Management and Recharge

                    Reseller Management top

                    With the IPsmarx Unified Reseller Management modules, Administrators can sign up resellers to promote any of their VoIP services. Administrators can define their own reseller program and set permissions, such as sharing or limiting access to the different services they can offer, re-assigning customers to different resellers and allowing resellers to add funds to customers' accounts. There are four types of reseller modules available within the IPsmarx platform, allowing Administrators the flexibility to define their own unique reseller program.

                      Usage Based Reseller Module

                      A Usage Based Reseller will get compensated through a commission structure set up by the Administrator. This commission can be based on a percentage or a flat rate or both and the commission can be based on long distance calls as they are placed or at the end of the monthly bill. The Usage Based reseller will be able to login to their own interface to manage their customer accounts, but they can only use the service selling rates assigned to them by the Administrator when registering a new account. Reports like CDR, Commission and Balance report can be also available to them if the Administrator has allowed it. If the Administrator allows it, resellers will be able to see and manage each other’s customer accounts. Resellers can also sign up their own subagents. 

                      Payment Based Reseller Module

                      A Payment Based Reseller will receive compensation through commission set up by the Administrator. This commission can be based on a percentage or a flat rate or both and will be applied as soon as the reseller’s customers add money to their account balance. The Payment Based Reseller will be able to login to their own interface to manage their customer accounts; they can only use the service selling rates assigned to them by the Administrator when registering a new account. Reports like CDR, Commission and Balance report can be also available to them if the Administrator has allowed it. If Administrator allows it, his resellers will be able to see and manage each other’s customers’ accounts. Resellers can also sign up their own subagents. 

                      White Label Reseller Module

                      Using this module, Rate Based Resellers (white label resellers) have the flexibility to define selling rates for their customers and agents, and their agents are able to define their own selling rates for their customers. This module allows the reseller to set up their own selling rates based on predefined buying rates. The Rate Based Reseller will be able to login to their own interface to manage their customer accounts and create their own service selling rates. Reports, such as CDR, ASR, ACD and Customer Report are also available to them as well as invoicing (as long as the Administrator has this feature enabled). This type of reseller traditionally has their own brand, company name, and logo that is displayed on their own website.  

                      Pinless Reseller Module

                      The Pinless Reseller module is available to compliment the Payment Based Reseller module. Resellers can utilize this module to sign up customer accounts or recharge customer’s account balance by just retrieving a customer’s phone number and the number they registered will be automatically assigned to the pinless feature. The pinless reseller module offers the advantage of faster registration for when resellers are located in a fast paced customer service environment, such as a convenience or grocery store. The Administrator will have access to the Pinless recharge report for details about total amount recharged per pinless reseller, profit and other information. 

                      Reseller E-store

                      This feature enables your resellers to have their own branded website. They can display their own logo and their customers can use this complete E-commerce solution to sign up and pay for their services.

                    Retail Store Agent Recharge Through IVR top

                    This unique feature allows your agents and resellers to recharge PINless accounts in person, at retail locations. In conjunction with the PINless Reseller Module, this feature gives agents and resellers the ability to recharge PINless accounts over the phone, through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response.) For agents who work in retail locations without access to a computer, recharging over the phone is a convenient way to offer PINless service to their customers. The sign up process can also be handled over the phone. WATCH this video to see how the feature works. Note: This is only available with the addition of the Home Service add-on module.


                    Compatibility, Support and Security

                    H323 Support Module top

                    For end point carriers who support H323 only, this module can be added to the softswitch to allow interconnection. The correct port for each protocol can be assigned automatically. This can also be changed manually to any port requested by the end point carrier. Fast start capability is another benefit of this feature. SIP and H323 protocol conversion is supported as well.

                    Trouble Ticketing System top

                    Our robust ticketing system enables you to manage customer service and support within the IPsmarx platform without the need for a 3rd party application. Your customers can open tickets that can be assigned to various layers (technical support, customer service, sales, etc.) Resellers and agents are also able to open tickets.

                    Internally, your organization can manage ticket resolution and escalation and also define answers to common questions and email responses that can be saved as templates for efficient response management.

                    Redundancy top

                    The IPsmarx Calling Card Solution uses MySQL as its database. If you require a redundant platform, IPsmarx engineers will design and implement a failover/replication structure for your database. This will require the purchase of an additional service to act as your secondary database in the event of a power outage or other natural disaster.

                    To learn more about the importance of having redundancy for your system, WATCH these videos.

                    Calling Card System Requirements:

                    Recommended Requirements for up to 120 simultaneous calls:

                    Hardware Requirements

                    One Intel® Xeon Quad core, 4GB RAM

                    Software Requirements

                    Operating System
                    Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008 server - (32 or 64 Bit,English Edition)

                    Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 8.1 or higher

                    Service Packs/Updates
                    Windows and Norton Anti-Virus should be updated

                    Network Requirements

                    Telephone Network
                    SIP DID Numbers (The SIP DID provider should be approved by IPsmarx)

                    Internet Bandwidth
                    20 KBps Bandwidth per simultaneous call

                    Public and Static IP addresses
                    At least 1

                    For additional capacity, please consult with our Technical Department.

                    To get a closer look at the software and enhanced features, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

                    How does IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Platform work?

                    how to start calling card business

                    You are the owner of an IPsmarx SIP Based Calling Card Solution with several cards in the market:
                    • Your customer purchases one of your calling cards in a retail location or online.
                    • The customer dials the local or 1-800 access number shown on the card from any phone. (Cell Phone, Landline, Payphone)
                    • Your IPsmarx Calling Card Platform will respond with an IVR message prompting the customer to enter a PIN – or if the card is Pin-less the message will ask for the destination number.
                    • Once the PIN is entered, the IPsmarx Calling Card Platform will authenticate the caller, announce the account balance to the caller, and invite the caller to dial the destination number.
                    • The IPsmarx IVR system announces the amount of minutes available for that destination.
                    • Your IPsmarx Calling Card Platform sends the call over the internet to the carrier of your choice.
                    • The carrier routes the call to the destination.
                    • When the call is terminated, the complete CDR (call detail record) for that call will be stored in the system for statement, reporting, and business analysis purposes.
                    • Using the E-store module, your customer may go on-line and check their balance, call history, and recharge their account at any time.

                    To get a closer look at the solution and enhanced features, please Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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