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SIP Trunking

The IPsmarx SIP Trunking Solution is designed for wholesale VoIP providers and IP-PBX installers who need a flexible, all-in-one platform to manage billing and routing for SIP-based DIDs through a user-friendly interface.

Use Cases

PBX Installers

Existing IT companies who are selling and installing premise based PBX's, are now implementing the IPsmarx SIP Trunking Solution to expand their offering by also selling VoIP minutes and DID's. This allows them to add a recurring revenue stream in addition to their one-time installation and/or monthly support charges.

DID Resellers

For those that are currently reselling DID's and using a hosted billing platform, they can now dramatically decrease costs by owning their own billing platform. They can also add additional DID providers to expand their offering. Because our solution is scalable, they don't need to have a large volume of traffic to justify the investment. If they thought they couldn't afford to own their own softswitch for SIP Trunking, now they can.

Benefits for Service Providers

  • Streamline Management
  • Reduce Costs
  • Expand Revenue Potential
  • Streamline Management and Reduce Costs The management interface enables service providers to create multiple origination and termination plans and packages, each with their own rates and fees. These rates can be set by minute, month or call to optimize pricing and margins. Moreover, different rates can be applied to different channels and DID groups, giving service providers precise and flexible control over their business.

    The integrated billing system actively charges each customer by the specified rates and fees. These fees and rates can then be invoiced to customers as determined by the payment structure. Using the integrated ecommerce web portal, customers then pay for the services online.

    By streamlining billing and routing management like this, operational costs are reduced through increased efficiency and avoiding errors.

    Expand Revenue Potential

    By taking advantage of the IPsmarx SIP Trunking Solution, origination providers can deliver SIP-based DID numbers, also known as “virtual phone numbers”, to VoIP service providers, call centers, corporations, and calling card operators who are registered with the IPsmarx SIP Trunk Solution by using SIP username and password or IP address.

    With flexible package billing options, origination providers can offer bundled DID packages, such as 5 North American Phone Numbers with 24 Channels for one flat monthly fee, or sell DID numbers individually. Origination providers have the option to offer one or more channels with every DID number. Pricing can be set at different rates for different channels or DID groups in order to best appeal to your target market so that you can attract and retain more customers.

    Because all of IPsmarx Solutions are unified, administrators have the advantage of offering SIP Trunking to their IP-PBX business clients as well as their wholesale termination clients on the same website, and adding this service to the same bill.

    Technical Highlights 

  • RTP bypass to reduce server loads
  • Carrier-grade compatibility
  • Thorough industry standards compliance
  • RFC 3261 compliant
  • DTMF RFC2833 support
  • Per DID/Per-TN service customization support
  • Multiple channels for each DID
  • Package billing
  • IP-address or a username-password key authentication
  • …But What is a SIP trunk?

    Simply put, a SIP trunk, or SIP-based DID, replaces traditional phone numbers assigned to PSTN lines, enabling end users to take advantage of VoIP technology for the origination of calls and eliminating the need for costly physical phone lines.


    The IPsmarx E-store module is an E-Commerce Solution that is fully integrated with our billing platform. Configuration with a supported merchant account is also included in this module. Using the E-store, you can offer fully automated sign up and online payment for your customers as well as a user portal with access to payment history, call detail records, and account recharge. Design of the front end of the E-store (your homepage) can be fully customized to your company and brand by a certified web designer. 


    Carriers can offer hassle-free account management to their customers with the auto-recharge feature. The IPsmarx solution will automatically recharge the account when the balance eaches a pre-defined amount. Please note that this feature is only available in the United States using an Authorize.net merchant account or a PayPal Pro merchant account.

    SMS Notification

    This feature enables the system to send an SMS notifications to clients when they sign up online, when they recharge their accounts online and when their balance is low.

    Redirect Option

    In conjunction with the IPsmarx Residential VoIP Solution, this feature enables calls to be rerouted to a regular phone number.

    Trouble Ticketing System

    Our robust ticketing system enables you to manage customer service and support within the IPsmarx platform without the need for a 3rd party application. Your customers can open tickets that can be assigned to various layers (technical support, customer service, sales, etc.) 


    Redundancy is a key component in a fully-featured solution.  The solution must continue functioning at full capacity in the event the primary system is rendered unavailable.  In the event of a natural disaster, the importance of individual, business and government communications become more critical as the chance of failure to the communications infrastructure increases. 

    IPsmarx has created a solution to this problem by deploying an intelligent fully-redundant platform offering continuous replication for unmatched resiliency and reliability without user intervention. 

    Pay Online via Admin Portal

    If your customer does not have easy access to the internet and cannot pay for your services directly, this feature allows you to pay for them via your admin portal. For instance, if your customer calls you and provides you with their credit card number, you can charge them by inputting their credit card information directly into the admin portal.

    Internally, your organization can manage ticket resolution and escalation and also define answers to common questions and email responses that can be saved as templates for efficient response management.

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