Mobile Money: The Future of International Mobile Top Up

What is the Future of Mobile Top Up?

Over half of the planet’s population has no access to financial institutions. Meanwhile, mobile technology penetration is poised to reach 100% of the world’s population. In developing nations many are using their mobile minutes, to save, borrow, and make financial transactions. Minutes have become a virtual currency that gives developing populations a form of financial credit and stability.

Mobile Top Up or Airtime Recharge has been around for many years and International Mobile Top Up is a growing industry. This document presents the factors that are driving the future of the global Mobile Top Up industry.

international mobile top up white paper

Download this document to learn:

1. What Is Mobile Top Up?
2 .The Drivers of the International Mobile Top Up
3. Mobile Technology Penetration
4. Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU)
5. What’s Next?

The cost and convenience of international remittance through mobile minutes is turning international mobile top up into a multibillion dollar industry

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