Offer Your Own Brand of International Calling Service

Calling Card, PINless and Mobile Top Up Solution for Stores

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IPsmarx Calling Card, PINless and Mobile Top Up Solution for Stores Owners

You can set up your own international VoIP calling service under your own brand name. Create a brand that appeals to your community and respond to their specific needs. Increase your revenue by selling your own service directly to the customer.

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Your System

Begin with a low investment and expand your system as your business grows.

Offer a portal for your resellers and customers to recharge and sign up accounts online or over the phone.

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Your Brand

Offer your own branded Calling Card & PINless Calling Service and grow your own customer base.

Design your own e-store website for international calling and remittance services.

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Your Rules

Gain control, set your own rates and define your fee structure.

Manage a network of agents and resellers who can promote your service in retail locations.

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Your Revenue

Stop making money for somebody else.Start making more for yourself.

Define your own price for resellers and customers.

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Enable Your Customers to Recharge Accounts for Recurring Revenue

PINless Recharge

Recurrent recharge system for repeat customers.

Customers do not need a credit card

Recharge accounts over the web

Recharge accounts over the phone (IVR)

Recharge accounts over SMS

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Offer Recharge for International
Prepaid Mobile Phones

Mobile Top Up

Offer your customers instant international remittance.

Recharge any international mobile prepaid phone

Same web portal for PINless and International Mobile Top Up

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