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  • Leading International Mobile Top Up Solution for Prepaid Service Providers

    Offer Valuable International Airtime Remittance Services to Any Mobile Provider Worldwide

    International Mobile Top Up

    With the IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution, you can offer your customers the ability to send mobile minutes to friends and family in other countries by purchasing airtime from mobile operators in these countries. Customers find this ability attractive and useful for two reasons: Mobile Minutes: Customers’ overseas friends and family can use mobile airtime to make calls. Mobile Money Remittance: As mobile money continues to grow in developing countries, airtime based transactions provide more value than talking time.

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    Best Country and Mobile Network Coverage

    The IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution gives you access to hundreds of mobile operators across the world to provide you with the most comprehensive mobile network and country coverage of any airtime remittance solution.

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    Attract Customers and Drive Revenue with Best Value Transfer

    When selecting a transfer service from which to obtain airtime, the IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution automatically selects the most cost-effective, which enables you to minimize the cost per transaction. You can pass these cost-savings along to your customers or increase your profit per transaction, maximizing the value of each transfer. This process is referred to as ‘Best Value Transfer,’ which is the International Mobile Top Up equivalent of least cost routing.

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    payment imtu

    Multiple and Versatile Payment Options

    By allowing customers to make payments in a variety of ways, the IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution helps you access otherwise hard to reach customers, such as those who lack reliable access to the Internet. E-store Through the phone using IVR (interactive voice response) Through your mobile app At retail locations through resellers

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    The Future of International Mobile Top Up

    Download our white paper ‘Mobile Money: The Future of International Mobile Top Up’ to learn about the multibillion dollar mobile money and international airtime remittance market.

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    Combine International Mobile Top Up with Additional Services to Enhance Offering

    Multiply your revenue streams by adding services such as PINless and prepaid calling cards or mobile VoIP apps to your offering.

    PINless and Calling Card Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution
    IMTU additional services
    service providers & resellers

    Flexible Reseller and Agent Management

    Leverage a network of resellers in order to reach more customers. With the IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution, resellers are able to recharge customer accounts through your online portal by credit card–an option that is not provided by most other top up solutions.

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    Centralized Web Interface and Integrated Billing

    An all-in-one platform, the IPsmarx International Mobile Top Up Solution includes integrated billing and is easily managed from a user-friendly web interface.

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    Multiserv Concept Telecoms

    Multiserv Concept Telecoms sharpens competitive edge and enhances service offering with in-demand value-added service.

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    Custom Features

    The IPsmarx Internaitonal Mobile Top Up Solution can be combined with additional IPsmarx solutions, which can be customized with the following features.

     Customer Experience

    • Additional IVR Languages
    • Custom Welcome IVR
    • Mobile Top Up
    • Mobile Top Up Through IVR
    • Recharge Through IVR
    • Sign Up Through IVR
    • SMS Notifications
    • Speed Dial
    • Transfer Card Balance

      Call Management

    • DID Forwarding
    • DID2IP
    • Direct DID
    • Hunt-Stop & Route Suspension
    • IP Video Support
    • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    • Multi-Dial Plan

     System Management

    • Advanced RTP Management
    • Auto Provisioning
    • Class 5 Server
    • H323 Support
    • Redundancy
    • SIP Card
    • Spanish Platform
    • Support Ticketing System


    • Auto Recharge/Recurring Billing
    • Disconnect Fee
    • Invoicing
    • Minute Shrinking
    • Package Billing
    • Step Billing
    • Unified Invoicing

     Resellers and Agents

    • Reseller Management
    • Payment Based Reseller
    • PINless Reseller
    • Reseller Web Portal
    • Retail Store Recharge Through IVR
    • Usage Based Reseller
    • White Label Reseller



    • Gift Card
    • Bonus Points
    • Promotion & Discount Tool
    • Message Board
    • Referral Program Management


    • Customer Portal
    • E-Store