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GSM Voip


GSM VoIP Solutions Overview

The use of GSM Terminals together with VoIP Networks has significantly increased in the last years and continues to rise. GSM VoIP Network configurations permits service providers to bypass the local Wired Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in communicating with a GSM mobile handset.  Thus, the excessive rates charged by telephone companies are avoided.

GSM Solutions are frequently used in countries where the access to phone lines is limited or overly expensive. Multi-channel GSM VoIP solutions are generally deployed in countries where there are multiple GSM service providers.  This way service providers can take advantage of special rates offered for calling mobile numbers that are listed on the same GSM network.

IPsmarx's GSM Termination Solution lets system owners manage traffic origination and termination on GSM Mobile Networks. The solution offers real-time CDR as well as monitoring, reporting and business analysis tools.

IPsmarx's Multi-Channel GSM VoIP Solution allows the ITSP to start a GSM gateway that supports up to 3 SIM cards per channel for a total of 90 SIMs. This configuration enables the service providers with a least-cost operation when sending traffic to the preferred SIM Card.


  • Multiple User Access Levels
  • Multi-Carrier Support
  • Multi-Gateway Support
  • Multiple Service Packages support
  • Flexible Rate Definition Methods Including Peak and Off Peak Rates
  • Customer/Gateway/IP registration and Management Tools
  • Real-time On-line Call Monitoring
  • Instant CDR Reporting Based on Customer, Gateway, IP, Prefix, Time, Date, City, Country
  • ASR Reporting
  • Profit and Loss Reporting Modules
  • Business Analysis Reports and Charts
  • Warning Mechanism for Low Customer Deposits
  • Remote Access Monitoring
  • Echo Canceller Module
  • Web Client Interface
  • 30 and 90 SIM cards support
  • Compatible with Cisco and Quintum Hardware
  • GSM Caller ID Support

Solution Components

  • Analog or Digital VoIP Gateway
  • GSM Terminal, Channel Bank or PRI-GSM Gateway
  • TerminaVoIP Billing Software
  • Partnership with VoIP Carrier(s)
  • Remote Installation Services and Training that gets your business up and running in two to three hassle-free business days.

How does the GSM VoIP Solution work?

gsm voip solution

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