Using IPsmarx Complete PINless Calling Solution, you can set up your own international VoIP calling service with your own brand name

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Here’s How It Works

 Your customer provides his phone number.

 You give him a local or toll-free number to dial when he wants to make international calls.

 The customer dials the access number you’ve provided, then the destination he wants to reach.

 The call connects.

 Your customer can recharge the account at any time through your website, over the phone, or through one of your agents.

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payment options

With This PINless Recharge Start up Package, you can:

Offer Custom Branded PINless Calling Service.

Design your own Website so customers can sign up and make payments online.

Manage a network of agents and resellers who can promote your service in retail locations and add balance to customer’s accounts on their behalf.

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Why IPsmarx

 We’ve installed hundreds of solutions in over 80 countries for over 13 years.

 Our solution has won awards consecutively every year since 2008!

 Unparalleled technical support and customer service – ask to view our client testimonials.

 Turnkey system – IPsmarx will make sure you have all of the technology you need to launch a successful business from DID’s to server hosting and termination, we will walk you through the whole process.

 IPsmarx is focused on research and innovation to ensure our clients get their latest features and stay competitive

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