IPsmarx Breeze: Complete Mobile VoIP Solution PodCast

Breeze Mobile VoIP Solution is an all-in-one toolkit for VoIP Service Providers looking to offer their customers calling on smartphones routed through the internet, instead of their cell phone providers’ networks. No PINs, SIM cards, or callbacks necessary! Users can download your white label application onto their iPhone or Android Device and take advantage of the cost savings of making international calls through WiFi or 3G.

Existing VoIP Service Providers can offer their customers superior-voice quality and robust features not found on other VoIP dialers, while newcomers to the Mobile VoIP industry can enter the market with a complete solution, including the administrative software, customized applications, training and technical support needed to make their business launch a success.

The podcast discusses the benefits and convenience a Mobile VoIP Application can offer end-users, and how VoIP Service Providers can get their very own with Breeze Complete Mobile VoIP Solution


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