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    Professional Services for Business and Telecom Service Providers

    Professional Services

    IPSMARX Professional services leverages the experience and in-house development resources to help companies optimize their telecommunication network, migrate or update their infrastructure, monetize new services, improve customer experience, and improve system productivity.

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    professional services
    telecom consulting

    Telecom Consulting

    Communication networks are facing constant demand. SMBs, Enterprises and Service Providers are challenged with delivering high quality services, keep their infrastructure reliable while developing business opportunities and profitable services.

    IPsmarx has the business experience and development resources to help companies optimize their telecommunication infrastructure to overcome current or future challenges as well as unveil new opportunities.

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    Making a Vision a Reality

    WOW Telekom, an International Calling Card Business Uses IPsmarx Prepaid Platform to Solve International Calling Challenges in the Immigrant Community.

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    Customized Solutions

    IPSMARX in-house R&D allows for agile and flexible development of unique solutions and an extensive range of customization options. We provide complete lifecycle product creation services from concept to post implementation support for corporations who wish to establish a VoIP offering without taking on the technical resources needed in-house.
    IPsmarx has delivered complex custom VoIP solutions for Major Telecoms, Wireless Carriers, Corporations, and VoIP Service Providers alike.

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    Prepaid Solutions VoIP Solutions

    All-in-One v1
    network migration

    Network Migration and Optimization

    Migrate legacy systems to new technology, keep business continuity and ensure data migration is consistent and secure. Design and implement a network infrastructure that responds to the demand and provides secured high quality services. IPSMARX develops strategic plans to lessen the impact of a legacy migration as it pertains to an entire organization, from the end user experience, customer service, and internal billing and support resources.

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    Systems Integration

    Implement Unified Communications technology that integrates with all business operations. Achieve true collaboration connecting communication services with third party systems like CRMs and ERPs.

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    systems integration

    Success the Second Time Around

    IGT Networks Finds Success with the IPsmarx Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Platform after struggling with Open Source for years.

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    operational productivity

    Operation Productivity

    Uncover inefficiencies in your network and business processes. Optimize your service supply chain and flow of information between business units.

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    Mobile Strategy

    Develop your strategy to integrate your business with a mobile application that runs as a customizable standalone app or integrated to your existing app through a SDK.

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    Mobile strategy

    Customized VoIP Application for Smartphones

    IMTalk Delivers Competitive International Rates and Free In-Network Calling with IPsmarx Breeze Application

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    service innovation

    Service Innovation

    Create new offerings that leverage your infrastructure and delivers new revenue streams. Penetrate new markets with packaged solutions that respond to unforeseen new market demands.

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    Expanding Business with International Mobile Top Up

    Multiserv Concept Telecoms sharpens competitive edge and enhances service offering with in-demand value-added service.

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    Customer Experience

    Deliver Quality of Service (QoS) that is not only about network infrastructure but also the customer experience in every interaction. Customized digital experience that delivers consistent and engaging interface across web, mobile and voice.

    Deliver easy to understand and feature rich Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

    Deliver branded customer facing systems that work seamlessly with your back-end and help position your brand in your market space.

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    customer experience

    Keeping Customers for Life!

    VonoCall works with IPsmarx to build a successful global VoIP business based on customer satisfaction

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