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    Advanced Prepaid Solutions with Integrated Billing, Monitoring, Reporting, Carrier Management and Call Routing

    Prepaid Solutions

    PINless and Calling Card

    The award-winning IPsmarx SIP-based PINless and Calling Card Solution is an all-in-one management solution for prepaid service providers. Features include real-time billing and reporting and enhanced features for reseller management, e-commerce, advanced recharge options, and promotional and marketing tools.

    PINless Service for Mobile Devices

    Service providers can use the Breeze PINless Mobile Dialer to provide PINless calling services to end users’ mobile devices. This app enables end users to access their residential prepaid PINless calling service from their mobile device and to make calls without using their data plan or accessing high speed wireless networks such as WiFi.

    CallBack System

    IPsmarx CallBack System is a billing and management solution that supports web, PINless (ANI) and PIN-based callback. This solution is specially designed for use in regions where there is limited infrastructure or where VoIP is regulated.

    International Mobile Top Up

    With the International Mobile Top Up Solution, your customers can purchase mobile minutes from other countries for local subscribers to use. Airtime recharge is the most used mobile money product around the world. User can use airtime for calling, texting or accessing the Internet. In many countries airtime represent a valuable asset that can be exchange almost like real currency.